Feb 10, 2014

Goodbody Patterns

Written by Katie Gomez

Greetings. My name is Marissa Goodbody, Relationship Manager for Trade Ideas LLC.  I’m here to share with you my experiences over the last 5 years working with traders all over the world, helping them get the most out of the market.  As the relationship manager I want to pass on information that I know helps people get results.  Plus I wanted to put a personal touch and let people see who is often assisting them in getting the most out of Trade Ideas software.  I assist in site navigation, payment processing, training sessions, and support.  Often when you are on IM with support, it’s me behind the scenes delivering answers, working with traders in over 35 different countries. It’s not unusual for me to use Google Translate to correspond with customers in Germany, Russia, and China daily.

The most common interaction with customers concerns methods for designing events in the markets – finding their favorite patterns.  I try to give them what they ask for.  9 out of 10 of them are delighted.  However I know there’s a difference between what they are describing and what I think is working.   My job is to ascertain the real meaning of the request and help them find what is working in today’s markets.

I’ll call these the Goodbody Patterns.  Here’s an example of what I mean:

Forward Momo – Consider a pattern exhibited by a stock like $STML (Stemline Therapeutics) on January 17th.  Stemline Therapeutics is a stock that is in one of the hottest sectors from 2013, the biotech sector.  One driver of the sector is advancements in computers’ ability to process ever larger volumes of information faster.  This processing power gives scientists the ability to more quickly cover vast amounts of big data towards finding more affective treatments of cancer more quickly.  Among other things, $STML works on a vaccine against brain cancer SL-701.  On January 17th it opened up positive, with no hint of the excitement to come.  Then, all of a sudden, with no news it surged forward.  Traders started to notice.  It continued to climb.  Still no news, just price and volume action.  Just when you thought it was done, it just kept going higher, point after point, all the way up until it climaxed at the close at $30.00 from a low of $21.70.  This is what Trade Ideas is all about.  Finding this type of behavior in a stock where there is no other external driving factor like news.

Trade Ideas has several alerts that are designed and tested to detect this type of unusual price and volume action.  A good trigger for this type of action is when a stock takes out the high of the previous day on very large volume.  This tells our clients that there are many people who are looking to buy this stock at a very aggressive price.  In poker they call this a tell.  It is not fool proof but it is good to know when this type of forward momo takes place.

Good luck out there and have a glorious day!

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