Feb 14, 2014

We Love Our Customers!

Written by Katie Gomez

As Valentines Day approaches, it’s good to keep in mind that you don’t have to just limit your love to your significant other. Before you jump to conclusions, let me just go ahead and say that from a business standpoint, it’s okay to love your customers too! At Trade-Ideas, we want our clients to know that we really do appreciate their business. It is no question that one of our biggest goals is to make sure that all of our customers are satisfied with our services. And it’s part of my job to ensure that traders get the proper assistance that they need. So, with that said, I’d like to share with a few ways that I show our customers that I care.

Get Personal

At Trade-Ideas, we are very customer oriented. In the 5 years that I have worked here at Trade-Ideas, I have found that traders love it when I can remember their names and past conversations. Sometimes this can be rather challenging, especially when I have spoken with hundreds of clients. I always personalize my communication with clients through phone conversations and email until eventually I feel that I know them and they know me, making us both comfortable.


When handling customer support, there is a lot of two-way dialogue taking place. I know first-hand that customers need a little bit of hand holding from time to time. Also, they like to know that we acknowledge their concern. Whether it is a account issue, general question, or feedback, I make sure that our clients are heard. All I need to do is listen to their needs, which in return makes both of our lives easier. In the long run, Trade-Ideas only benefits from hearing what our customers have to say. 

Stay Connected

Every now and then, I like to check in with customers and extend a friendly ‘hello.’ By doing this, I build trust and loyalty amongst our customers. Since many traders take time off throughout the year, we like to let them know that we value their business and hope to see them return.


There’s no bigger compliment than when clients refer us to friends, co-workers, and other businesses. We actually encourage this and we gladly work out special discounts for clients who go through the referral process. In addition, I’d like to add that utilizing our software is a reward in itself. As we continue to provide traders with exceptional database technology and accurate data, this becomes a win-win for the client as well as our company.

The bottom line is, I like to give customers a reason to keep coming back! So far, my strategies seem to be working out quite well. I take the time to show clients that we do care and I don’t just stop at Valentines Day, I practice these all year round.  

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