Jul 22, 2014

Webinar replay: Get the most out of your workspace with Trade Ideas on Lightspeed! (July 16, 2014)

Written by Katie Gomez

Workspaces are the incubators where information and action are translated into productivity and good trading decisions.

The environment we trade in has a considerable impact on both our level of wellbeing, our productivity, and even our bottom line. The design and layout of our office or, workspace, can have an effect on our work productivity, frame of mind, mood, interaction with our colleagues, and even has an influence on how much time we spend distracted from our work. The same holds true for how you organized to make a trade.

In this webinar we’ll not only show you the advanced trading technology of Brokerage Plus for Lightspeed from Trade Ideas, but we will show you workspaces and layouts that will put the wind in your sails when trading.

This webinar aired live on July 16, 2014. Below is an embedded video of the webinar replay. Beneath the embedded video is a table with direct links to topics. The total length of the webinar is 36m:57s.

Go here to learn more about TI Pro: Brokerage Plus for Lightspeed

Trade Ideas is FREE to use for Lightspeed customers. There may be a Qualified Message fee if using automated trading. Contact Lightspeed for the commission pricing details.

Introduction by Lightspeed 1:15m open in new window
Dan Mirkin begins Trade Ideas introduction 3:45m open in new window
Get Trade Ideas FREE with Lightspeed 4:00m open in new window
Start of Trade Ideas presentation 5:50m open in new window
See the BIG PICTURE, make decisions 6:55m open in new window
Tour of Trade Ideas windows begins 7:25m open in new window
TI Pro: Toolbar 8:10m open in new window
TI Pro: Top List Window (Market Leaders) 9:00m open in new window
Overview of an efficient layout: essential for decision making 9:30m open in new window
Discussion of market benchmarks, linking with Lightspeed 11:00m open in new window
Demonstration: double-click linking 12:35m open in new window
TI Pro: Single Stock Window 12:55m open in new window
TI Pro: Multi-Strategy Window (Event Watcher) 13:30m open in new window
TI Pro: Top List Window (Biggest Pullbacks) 14:15m open in new window
How to become expert at identifying opportunities 16:00m open in new window
TI Pro: Top List (Biggest Bounce) 16:45m open in new window
How to use your workspace effectively 17:10m open in new window
Using the information for ideas 18:00m open in new window
TI Pro: Top List (Social Media) 19:00m open in new window
Single Stock Window: confirming data 21:00m open in new window
TI Pro: Brokerage Plus & Lightspeed integration 22:06m open in new window
How trading works in Brokerage Plus 23:30m open in new window
Sorting TI Pro columns to find new trade ideas 25:00m open in new window
What makes Trade Ideas different: finding opportunities in any market 26:15m open in new window
Trade Ideas is a full solution 31:30m open in new window
Commission pricing using Brokerage Plus with Lightspeed 32:00m open in new window