Dec 2, 2015

Digital Marketers Will Succeed in 2016 Only If They Understand This About Automation

Written by Katie Gomez

Robo-advisory services is a big trend and one that will continue to grow as sure as your 401(k) is automatically rebalanced and annually adjusted to target your retirement year. Just ask Betterment and Fidelity about their recent, cordial break-up. Each of them thinks they can do it as well as the other or better. Both of them will do just fine – there’s plenty of growth ahead:

At Trade Ideas we’re shaping the trend that brings robo-advised decisions down from the portfolio to the trading level. It’s for those who want to actually be in the driverless car vs. reading about it. I’ll talk more about the actual automated generation of trade ideas shortly, or sign up for our Wednesday open mic Q&A sessions to hear about the latest performance results and innovations. For now I want to discuss another form of automation we’re delivering to a growing number of partners in financial media and retail brokerage.

Automation of article content creation, generated by specific market activity, engages readers far more than brokerage newsletters, market reports, or especially confirmation emails – 3x higher open rates from survey result analysis.

Turns out personalized and relevant content gets read. How?

Segmentation is the basis of personalization at Trade Ideas. Articles about options (segment 1) trading unusually higher in volume (segment 2), in the healthcare sector (segment 3), with earnings in less than 2 weeks (segment 4) is of great interest to those clients who traded with those characteristics and who normally trade 2 – 3x per month (segment 5). Some brokers are just now able to create these kinds of segments, but how many can create hundreds of daily articles combining these segment examples with such specificity to their targets?

Here’s a straight-forward example of what one partner’s segments (including segment 6: those clients who traded AFMD in the past) can produce: “Trade of the Week: AFMD (Healthcare)

Relevancy is all about the potential return of an idea. It’s got to have it or it means nothing. We measure the quality of our results by comparing our recent innovations in the use of artificial intelligence against the $SPY index which tracks the S&P 500. These results make our content highly relevant.

Attention FinTech Digital Marketers: 2016 is the year that the insight your systems are generating gets automated and put to good use for your clients.

– David, @TradeIdeas