Dec 7, 2015

Trade Ideas Optimized AI Results vs $SPY as of December 4, 2015

Written by Katie Gomez

Here’ s the results of Holly, Trade Ideas’ name given to its machines learning artificial intelligence, for the week that ended December 4, 2015.

For those not clear on what Holly does, the technology hunts for stock and option patterns, backtests, optimizes, and then matches which resulting algorithms are best suited to the current market conditions based on recent and likely performance results.

Trade Ideas’ Machine Learning AI requires several competencies in order to deliver its value. Among
many, there’s the capacity to:

  • Isolate relationships among hundreds of variables and thousands of different variable combinations
  • Analyze the changing nature of such relationships over time and during different market conditions (e.g., from bull to bear markets)
  • Filter out spurious correlations and reveal subtle relationships that hold predictive power

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