Jan 26, 2016

Shooting Fish in a Barrell

Written by Katie Gomez

At Trade Ideas we are literally obsessed with beating the market in a completely new way. Computers really started getting on the board when in 1997 IBM Deep blue beat Gary Kasparov.

More recently IBM’s Watson did an amazing feet by beating Ken Jennings in Jeopardy.

Now at Trade Ideas, our Artificial Intelligence Investment Discovery Engine, Holly is showing that the market is beatable by a computer with the right kind of data and approach. Today, January 25th 2016 was a difficult day in the market. The market traded sideways before selling off hard in the later half of the day.

Holly had a total of 53 short term investments today. Her P/L closed close to the highs of the day and there was virtually no draw down. On a difficult day like today you could not have had a better trading and investing guide.

Why so many trades today? I would never be able to be in all of those how can it help me? The number of trades is different per day depending on what is happening. Holly acts only when the highest probabilities line up. Holly is not an HFT system, quite the opposite. She is designed to be followed by you when you have the ability to act. Each trade has an associated % of success. Holly is not a strategy, she is an adaptive reactive system that is always changing.

We call this the Quantitative Combine. Every night, in fact even as I write this, our AI servers are crunching up to a million different investment ideas and seeing which ones have the best probabilities. There are 45 different AI’s that make up Holly and she has them competing every night for who gets to play tomorrow. It is like having 45 professional football players a one day season and only up to 12 spots that play. It is a competitive environment where only the best play.

That brings us back to shooting fish in a barrel. The success rate of today’s strategies was staggering. If you are not doing the home work of close to a million practice trades every night how can you compete? Don’t fight technology let it work for you. Make Holly and Trade Ideas an integral part of your investing and get ready for profits!

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