Feb 8, 2016

Trade Ideas Outperforms S&P with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Written by Katie Gomez

Enter every investing decision with an information advantage and confidence powered by Trade Ideas’ machine learning, robo-advisor, “Holly”

Encinitas, CA (PRWEB)
This week, Trade Ideas announced the production release of version 4 of its award-winning Trade Ideas Pro software. The release shakes up the Financial Technology community with its A.I. powered Investment Discovery Engine.
Since its founding in 2002, Trade Ideas has made it a mission to deliver actionable market intelligence that yields confident decisions and successful outcomes in volatile, difficult markets. The performance of this equity-focused robo-advisor has outperformed the S&P benchmark since the start of 2016 by over 30%.
“Early beta testers called it a holy grail which gave us the idea to name the A.I. ‘Holly’”, notes Dan Mirkin, CEO and Co-Founder of Trade Ideas LLC. He continues, “Our fascination with software and automation to do the grunt work of analysis and generating insight knows no bounds. For 13 years we’ve built Trade Ideas with the purpose of leveling the playing field for active investors by improving access to information and automating actions based on tested insight.”
The release of the Artificial Intelligence Discovery Engine is a major milestone in consistently following the mission of empowering investors with smarter, statistically supported trading strategies.
“The accessibility of A.I. to active investors rides a larger trend we call Big Data 2.0”, explains David Aferiat, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Trade Ideas, “where all the analysis and insight generated in 1.0 gets automated into actionable market intelligence. With Holly and our first-class customer service we’re reclaiming for the next generation of investors control of their outcomes with the markets.”
The A.I. powered robo-advisement consists of several dozen different investment algorithms subjected to over a million trading scenarios overnight to arrive at a subset with the highest probability for alpha in the next market session. The result is a curated, distilled stream of vigorously tested long and short opportunities. Stops and profit target parameters are automatically assigned for every new trade idea. This information advantage saves novices and veterans hours of research and testing.
Trade Ideas’ Holly is similar to IBM’s Watson in its enormous capacity to crunch data and determine patterns with speed and accuracy. Trade Ideas also compares to robo-advisement firms like Betterment and Wealthfront with the big distinction being its impact on individual equities and derivatives vs. the entire retirement portfolio.
Start using TI Pro with Holly in under 5 minutes:
1. Go here to activate TI Pro and purchase the AI license
2. Download & install TI Pro v.4’s thin, visual interface that connects to Holly
3. Log in
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