Jul 21, 2016

Open House Day 3 (It’s Getting Hot In Here)

Written by Katie Gomez

Thanks to all who participated in the 3rd day of our summer Test Drive event!
 We continued to showcase our statistical number crunching approach to beating the averages.  The way in which Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence, Holly, performedcan only be described as stellar.  Risk On Profit, the mode that was rewarded most today was up $2.57 There was a total of 30 suggested trades from Holly.  Of the thirty trades,twenty were profitable. If there were any doubts about the efficacy of Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence technology, the 23% gain in HTBX HEAT BIOLOGICS should have helped put them to rest.
HEAT was alerted early at 6:56 am (PST) with an entry price of .81 cents.  Holly’s Risk Off Mode suggested a possible exit based on volatility an hour into the the trade.  However since we were in Risk On Mode based on overall profit, we knew that getting out was not necessary.  As a reminder Risk On and Risk Off Mode help investors manage their trades.  If overall profits of Risk On Mode are higher than you can allow more risk.  If Risk Off Mode profits are higher the suggested course of action is more conservative.  Our goal is to use science and technology for the hardcore data analysis about which stock, which direction, and when.  This allows people to do what we do best, make critical yes or no decisions quickly.
Proprietary data to helps us zero in on the where to focus.  We measure success statistically. Comparing the Win Today % to the tested Win % allows us to see synergies that are invisible to others.

It also helps our subscribers to have more confidence in terms of which stocks to follow. Relating to market data via Profits or Losses makes the Trade Ideas offering more tangible and easier to follow.

We are in what looks like a market that has never been better suited for the individual investor. The stocks are moving and no better example today then OPTT OCEAN POWER.
As I mentioned in the previous summaries we have been watching this stock since the $4.00 range. Today was an example of not letting works like overbought get in the way.

Barrie our Trading Room moderator was walking the whole room through this trade as it was happening.  Look at what you are seeing visually and consider the percentages and ask yourself this simple question.

What could possibly do better?  You know the answer to the question.  Tomorrow is setting up to be another exciting day for our Test Drive.  We are looking forward to showcasing more opportunities and highlighting what is possible when you take technology to the next level in the stock market.

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Happy investing, and see you in the Trading Room tomorrow,
Dan Mirkin
CEO, Founder
Trade Ideas LLC