Aug 2, 2016

No One Trick Pony

Written by Katie Gomez

To succeed as a modern day active investor, or as we like to call ourselves, wealth hackers, you need to first give up things that most investors believe to be true. First is the understanding that it is possible to actually make money in a down market.

Holly Grail, the Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence, has no bias as to how to capture alpha. Out of the 45 algorithmic concepts that Holly uses many are designed to take advantage of the downside. Not only is this important, it is critical because it is on days like today. When the SPY is down -$1.50 this is where Trade Ideas really lets you start to distance yourself from the competition. 

Taking advantage of statistical set ups on the downside Holly saw opportunities that produced significant returns.  +2% in EPC and over 3% gain in STRP. With access to Artificial Intelligence, investment discovery traditional investing simply does not meet the demands of the modern day opportunist.

The best part of course is that Holly is improving. The AI continues to adapt to this market in a more efficient manner than any other service in finance. The results showcase how we are starting to separate ourselves from the SPY in performance.

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