Aug 4, 2016

Oops I did it Again

Written by Katie Gomez

Another day another stellar winning summary! I have to sometimes scratch my eyes to make sure I am seeing what I am seeing.  Holly is performing in a way that literally could change the whole concept of investing. Many factors are congealing to help us become the premier provider of information in Finance. Our good friend Howard Lindzon, wrote a blog post that articulates the opportunity that is at hand. The best market for the individual investor is upon us! 
One MUST BECOME ACTIVE to take advantage of the stock market opportunity. True opportunities are not in Robot Advised Indexes. True potential is in stocks. Now with the Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence you have a virtual analyst doing all the work. You are in the role of the Portfolio Manager!
The good thing is that your virtual analyst never gets tired and is constantly crunching numbers to give you an edge.
Today while the overall market did nothing, Holly demolished the averages and gave our subscribers ADXS at $11.80 and INSY at $16.94. There were a total of 20 signals that Holly gave today and of those 20, 13 were profitable for a total 65% success rate today. Technology has now evolved to help the individual investor do better in the markets, but it is up to you to take advantage. 

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