Sep 23, 2016

Review ( Trade Ideas has the Fastest Artificial Intelligence Engine for Retail Investors

Written by Katie Gomez

This entire review was originally published on in September 2016. Below, we’re reprinting a portion of the review summary. 

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Trade Ideas Review:
Products & services

Trade Ideas Pro is a trading platform and real-time stock market scanner. It is an interactive tool that allows its users to scan market data to make trade decisions during stock trading to help them develop strategies and identify best set ups. Trade Ideas is the most powerful real-time stock scanner on the market today going by reviews on its website and other stock market platforms. The software is at the edge of trading. It recognizes what is operational in a down market or in an up market, and proposes precisely what to buy or short and when to exit.
Trade Ideas Pro facilitates traders discover the most profitable setups in the market today through a range of services.
The Artificial intelligence (A.I) engineered robo-advisement comprises several dozen of diverse investment algorithms taken through more than a million trading settings overnight to reach a subset offering the highest chance for alpha during the next trading day. The effect is a curated, refined stream of dynamically weathered long and short prospects. Stops and profit target strictures are routinely doled out for each new Trade Idea. The information advantage given on Trade Ideas Pro platform saves both beginners and experts man-hours of research and experiments.

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