Dec 6, 2016

Watch the recording of “Empowering Women Investors 2016”

Written by Katie Gomez

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Empowering Women Investors 2016

We had an outstanding time hosting Empowering Women Investors on Sunday, December 4th, 2016 at the Cape Rey Hilton in beautiful Carlsbad, CA.

The idea for the event came about because although Women account for over 50% of the population, they are very much underrepresented in guiding financial decisions.

At Trade Ideas, we’re interested in changing this and encouraging more women to take control of their financial destiny.

We invited Jane Gallina (a.k.a. AirPlaneJane), Stephanie Clark Burke, Shari Mirkin, and Marissa Goodbody to speak at this inspiring seminar.

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Jane Gallina, mother of one and expecting her second, started day trading in her basement and slowly began to grow her knowledge and help others. She has a background in finance, entrepreneurship and customer service. Jane’s created a large following on Twitter and in the Trade Ideas trading room.

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Stephanie Clark Burke is a veteran successful investor and trader. An original ‘90s “SOES bandit” era day trader featured in Inc. Magazine, San Francisco Gate Magazine, and Houston Press.

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Watch the replay of the event Live Stream

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The video on this page is the live stream archive. The pre-stream and breaks are included. Here are the times to forward to for watching the speakers:

  • 13min 30sec: Marissa Goodbody – Welcome
  • 15min 15sec: Dan Mirkin “Empowering Women Investors”
  • 24min 30sec: Shari Brooks Mirkin “I Outperformed the Indexes”
  • Break
  • 51min 30sec: Jane (Airplane Jane) Gallina “AirplaneJane’s Trading Journey”
  • 1hour 48min: Stephanie Clark Burke “The First Trading Revolution”
  • 2 hours 21min: Marissa Goodbody “Success with Trade Ideas”

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