Oct 6, 2017

Trade Ideas Podcast Episode 38, “Price Pays” — October 6, 2017

Written by Katie Gomez

Jamie (@QuantBot), Steve (@TodayTrader), Andy Lindloff, and Sean (@ChicagoSean) hop onto a pod and reflect on weekend and all the people they met they’d previously only known online or by phone. Steve was most impressed with Greg Robin’s big data presentation and everyone found Brian Shannon’s keynote essential.

Amongst all the differing styles and viewpoints was a common theme in the presentations—one of ignoring ‘news’ sources like CNBC, CNN, and FOXNews and working on interpreting the real data.

The group also discuss how they crowdsourced a new BTFD scan that Sean posted about yesterday.

Watch a replay of the entire Trade Ideas Summit 2017 conference: www.trade-ideas.com/hollysummit