Oct 11, 2017

Deep Blue, DeepStack & Holly – AI in the past, present & future

Written by Katie Gomez

[This guest post is by Alexander Voigt from DAYTRADINGz.com]

While in 1996 Garry Kasparov won 4 to 2 against IBM´s super-computer Deep Blue, in 1997 Deep Blue won against Garry Kasparov. This marked a milestone in the process of computers being able to go on learning and getting more intelligent. Now, 20 years later, we all should realize that Artificial Intelligence is taking over our lives.

In March 2017, for the very first time, Artificial Intelligence won Heads-Up No-Limit Texas Hold’em against 33 poker players from 17 different nations. 44,842 games where played within one single week.

At the University of Alberta in Canada, Matej Moravcik and his team created an Artificial Intelligence machine they call “DeepStack.” Almost every time, DeepStack was the winner.

This is one more clear example to show how Artificial Intelligence is continuously improving more and more.

You don’t have to be a chess or a poker player to see that Artificial Intelligence means a giant advantage. It means highest advanced technology.

Meanwhile, you may compare it with the advantages that High Frequency Trading (HFT) meant for institutions some years ago. But compared with HFT, Artificial Intelligence is available for every single retail trader and private investor.

Back in 2008 when I signed up for my first Trade Ideas Pro subscription, there was no Artificial Intelligence Channel yet. However also back in 2008, Trade Ideas was a giant help that enabled me to filter for the market events I was searching for.

From the very beginning, Trade Ideas gave me a big advantage that the competitors in the market could not offer.

Would it be the same kind of advantage to use the TI Pro version of 2008 today? Probably not. Now there are other market scanners out there making use of technologies that are similar to those that Trade Ideas introduced over 10 years ago.

The crucial advantage is the fact that Trade Ideas is continuously innovating year by year, month by month and even day by day—this is highlighted with the introduction of Holly, the Trade Ideas Artificial Intelligence engine and a testament to their agile development model.

In a previous guest post in March, I described how Trade Ideas may help to make every trading day more efficient and more effective. Trade Ideas really makes 08/15 day trading being based on technical analysis completely unnecessary.

While you can also scan for patterns if you wish, the more important aspect is how Holly teaches herself new ideas every night. There are countless numbers of computer programs out there that are waiting for traders buying classic breakouts and breakdowns. But if you go on trading in the old school way nowadays, it is highly possible that a computer will take your cash to leave you behind with a loss. Trading the markets based on artificial intelligence is completely different.

See the difference, learn more about Trade Ideas’ advantages and be part of it.

About the author: Alexander Voigt is one of our partners. He wrote an exclusive Trade Ideas Review with detailed information about the TI Pro. In September 2017, he did an interesting interview with Dan Mirkin, co-founder and CEO of Trade Ideas LLC, that was published on his website.