Oct 30, 2017

And the Winners of the Price Alerts Contest for the 2017 Halloween Test Drive are…

Written by Katie Gomez

The Halloween 2017 Price Alerts Contest Winners

The Halloween Test Drive for 2017 is coming to a close. We had over 1,050 Test Drivers over the week of October 23–27, and hundreds of contest entries. Thank you to everyone who participated in the test drive and those that entered the contest.

Congratulations to Jason H.!

Jason’s cloud link won 1st place with gains of 32.83%. Jason wins a free year of Trade Ideas Premium worth $1,888. This year includes the free hour of one on one training that come with all our paid subscriptions.

A tie for Second place?

Yes! The runners up finished on Friday with 22% gains each. Congratulations to Katherine D. and Linda S. for the excellent picks. You each now have a credit for a free hour of one-on-one training in addition to whatever training is included with your subscriptions.

Did you miss out on the Test Drive and the contest? Stay tuned for the next one in Q1 of 2018.