Dec 19, 2017

Announcement: Planned Subscription Rate Increase in Q1 2018

Written by Katie Gomez

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NOTE: This policy is for NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS ONLY. Current subscribers will see no change in their prices.

Since Trade Ideas launched Holly our AI in 2016, we’ve reached a number of milestones, some of the more recent include: our AI is evolving and continues to beat the S&P and other indices, Idea Surfing, auto-trading for Interactive Brokerage via Brokerage+, improvements to chart visualization, addition of a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency channel, and adding Holly the AI to the web version of Trade Ideas.

We’ve grown our staff and capabilities to support a +300% increase in direct subscribers in just the last 2 years. The Trade Ideas development cycle is nimble, fast, agile, and iterates often.

In the past, we have only increased our subscription rates to reflect robust additions to the value and functionality of our services and technology to our subscribers, and the upcoming increase is no exception.

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Grandfathered rates

Following the example we’ve set ourselves with past rate changes, existing subscriptions are grandfathered in at their current rates for as long as they remain active. We still have a significant number members paying around $40/month as they have maintained the same active subscriptions for many years. And you can do the same.

So, rather than have a regret like not buying a couple Bitcoins when they were under $1k, you should lock in the current 2017 rates for your Trade Ideas subscription. If you’re a current subscriber, congrats! Keep that subscription going to maintain the excellent rate.

Futureproof your Alpha

The date of the 20% increase is expected to be between late January and early February, the exact date is still to be determined. We’ll give plenty of notice.

Use the code LOCKIN2017RATE to save an instant 15% off your first month of Trade Ideas Premium or Trade Ideas Standard and you will be able to continue the 2017 rate for as long as your subscription is maintained.

Question? Send us an email at

Enjoy your Holidays and have a fantastic New Years! 🙂