Jan 12, 2018

Trade Ideas Episode 48, “Ascend with Us” — January 12, 2018

Written by Katie Gomez

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Learn how Cameron Newell (@StocksThatGo) found trading, co-founded Ascend Trading, then recently turned $1k into $100k in just 60 days using Trade Ideas. Spoiler: there’s no magic to being good in the market, there’s work. Find out how Cameron learned to be a profitable trader, what he read, and the tools he uses. Join a free trial until January 31st at AscendTrading.net.

Follow Cameron:
Twitter: @StocksThatGo & @Ascend_Trading
Instagram: @camtheman & @at.AscendTrading
Facebook: Facebook.com/AscendTrading
StockTwits: @CamTheMan
YouTube: https://youtu.be/TIIoImMNNMs

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