Mar 7, 2018

Announcing the newly Re-Imagined TI University

Written by Katie Gomez

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The Glorious Pains of Growth

Announcing the newly Re-Imagined TI University

[This piece was originally published by Sean McLaughlin on Medium]

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Hockey stick subscriber growth at Trade Ideas, LLC has forced us to re-imagine the way we administer customer training. As with any SAAS product, there is a learning curve when it comes to new software and Trade Ideas is no different. No matter your skill level in such things, it takes some time to kick the tires and ask questions before you can become fully comfortable with new software toys.

Due to tremendous subscriber growth, we’ve encountered a “good” problem to have: our popular 1-on-1 training sessions that we began offering to new subscribers over 5 years ago became massively overbooked. In years past (Trade Ideas has been around for 15 years), most new subscribers could join and schedule a training session within their first week of subscribing. Recently, new customers have experienced waiting periods of over two months to receive proper training.

That’s too long. Our customers deserve better access than that.

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As such, we’re pleased to announce Trade Ideas new classroom training sessions to better accommodate the needs of our many new and prospective clients. Beginning this week, we soft-launched our new TI UNIVERSITY which consists of daily classes open to all subscribers! This means, any customer, any day, can receive training, a refresher on specific topics, and can ask questions of live instructors who are sharing their screen and walking you through the answers.

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These classes will be broken down into Beginner 101: Introduction to Trade Ideas, Beginner 201: Novice Trade Ideas Systems, Intermediate 301: Refining Trade Ideas, and Advanced 401: Advanced Trade Ideas. And on Fridays, we’ll continue our wildly popular two-hour no-holds-barred open Q&A sessions. Further, and best of all, there is no limit to how many sessions you can attend. You can make it part of your daily or weekly routine to always attend one or all of these sessions — you never know what new thing you might learn next!

Growing pains suck. But in the end, we’re extremely confident this new solution will serve more customers more effectively and more quickly, getting you on the fastest path to consistently profitable trading.

Enroll in TI University classes here.

Your partner in profitability,

~ Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean), and the entire team of Trainers, Developers, Sales & Support Staff, Affiliates, and Management @TradeIdeas.

P.S. If you’d like to subscribe to Trade Ideas, please review our subscription options here, and I invite you to use my promo code: CHICAGOSEAN at checkout to enjoy 15% off an annual subscription (or 15% off your first month on a monthly sub)

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