Jun 15, 2018

Trade Ideas Special: TRADING WITH @CHICAGOSEAN — June 15, 2018

Written by Katie Gomez

Our own Sean McLaughlin (@ChicagoSean) launched his own excellent podcast. Please enjoy his interview with Raffi Bagdasarian @raffibag:

Cryptocurrencies get all the headlines, but it’s really the Blockchain that is changing the world. Meet Raffi Bagdasarian, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur operating in the brave new world, figuring out ways to leverage this game changing technology into new business applications.

If you are like me, this whole crypto/blockchain world is way over your head. Raffi helps to explain what’s happening in plain English to me (the idiot) and this talk will be a great launch point for you to get motivated to learn more about the space as well.

Traders, Investors, and Entrepreneurs will all find value in this wide-ranging talk.

Read more on Sean’s blog.