Jul 31, 2018

Congratulations to the Price Alert contest winners for the Summer 2018 Test Drive!

Written by Katie Gomez

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? Announcing the Price Alerts Contest Winners! ?

First, thank you to all the Test Drive participants. We had over 1,140 members in the 5-day trial of all Premium Trade Ideas product features including the A.I., backtesting with the OddsMaker, special educational sessions, and more.

During Test Drive week, we held a contest where we invite our Test Drivers to submit their picks for big percentage gainers between the close on Wednesday (July 25) and the close on Friday (July 27). The winner gets a free YEAR of Trade Ideas Pro ($2,268 value) and the runner up gets a free one-on-one training session (a $99 value).

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Linda S. is the winner of the Price Alerts Contest.

Linda wins the price alerts contest by shorting HMNY. She exploited the gap up because of a reverse stock split by shorting it. Her winning percentage was 80.5%, beating 2nd place with a very similar play by 1/2 a percentage point—shorted $0.20 higher compared to our 2nd place runner up.

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Jonathon S. finished Second in the Price Alerts Contest

Similar to our winner, Linda, Jonathon also exploited a huge gap up because of a reverse stock split by shorting HMNY! His 2nd place winning percentage gain was 80%, with a slightly different short price compared to our winner.