Aug 17, 2018

Trade Ideas Podcast Episode 74, “Conor Meegan: Providing a Path for Traders” — August 17th, 2018

Written by Katie Gomez

Special guest podcast today. Our Sean McLaughlin (@chicagosean) talks with Conor Meegan (@topsteptrader).

Having trouble with your trading? Do you need guidance, mentorship, and access to tools and support?

If you’re good on the above, then are you struggling with gaining access to capital to size up your game in a meaningful way? If so, then you may enjoy listening to Conor. His firm TopstepTrader solves these problems for aspiring market mavens. And the insight he’s gained along the way in working with traders on the rise is incredibly valuable.

In this episode, we get into many of the important things Conor has learned over the years while supporting, working with, and seeing traders succeed (and fail!).