Aug 27, 2018

5 things you should know about Trade Ideas Pro A.I. right now

Written by Katie Gomez

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This is a guest blog post from Alexander Voigt of Alexander’s been an active Trade Ideas subscriber since 2009. He interviewed Dan Mirkin, CEO of Trade Ideas, in 2017, and you can read the highly interesting interview on Alexander’s website

With its variety of innovations and new technology, digitalization has already become an integral part of global stock market trading. How should these developments be evaluated so far? And what do they mean for you as an investor?

Computers buy and sell fully autonomously, today’s trading volume would be unimaginable without AI-based automation

A large part of stock market trading is already completely automated. Institutional investors such as banks, investment companies, insurance companies and the like rely on computers that pursue fully or partially automated investment strategies—and in this sense partially formulate and submit orders automatically. This means that immediate buying and selling decisions are automated. Depending on the configuration, these programs can implement conservative investment strategies or more speculative approaches.

The advantages are obvious. As proven investment strategies or aspects of them are implemented automatically and at great speed, the possibility of human error is minimized. Furthermore, everything is done quickly and routinely so that processing is much more dynamic than it would be if it were done only by humans.

The advantages of efficiency through automated trading characterize our current trading conditions. In 2010 for example, the amount of orders entered by computers was around 50% of the trading volume of the financial markets. Since then the volume of computer-initiated orders has increased dramatically.

Not least because of the ever-increasing share of private investors who generate fully automatic or partially automatic buy and sell orders with the help of trading software.

Just a few years ago it was necessary to write voluminous software code independently or through third-party support to implement automated trading processes. In the past many different tools often had to be linked via APIs and tested to ensure smooth operation. Times have changed—for example, Trade Ideas Pro A.I. subscribers can trade fully automatically via a broker interface.

The success of Trade Ideas underlines the effectiveness of the Trade Ideas Pro software

As was recently confirmed by Inc. Magazine, Trade Ideas is one of the fastest growing companies in America. With a three-year sales growth of 134 %, Trade Ideas LLC now ranks 3,012th among the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

A look at the Trade Ideas growth curve shows a huge increase in growth since the introduction of their Artificial Intelligence, an advance particularly well received by private investors. Since the introduction of the A.I., Trade Ideas has continued to introduce new innovations.

Most recently, two more A.I. varieties were released. Thus there are now three versions available of Holly, the artificial intelligence of Trade Ideas with various trade tolerances.

Save time and work more efficiently

I myself have been using Trade Ideas for about 10 years. Especially the regular innovations inspire me time and again. On my stationary PC, I still prefer to use the Trade-Ideas Pro A.I. application running on Windows systems. On vacation and on the road, however, I increasingly resort to the web-based version of Trade Ideas. Even on the tablet I can keep an eye on the markets and react quickly if necessary.

Right now for example I am on the beautiful island of Majorca. My iPad and Trade Ideas are always with me. My mobile service provider’s flat data fee allows me to be online quickly and easily via LTE and UMTS, enabling me to monitor the markets from anywhere.

Trade Ideas does not release features to keep up with competitors, but rather the company constantly innovates and leads. For that I am very grateful to the Trade Ideas Team. Because their innovations enable me to save time and money.

Try Trade Ideas Pro A.I. for free and save a lot of money

You are your own and above all most authentic advisor. Invest some time and use the free services of Trade Ideas. The trading chat room, the trade of the week via email and the learning sessions are always a good place to start. When you’re ready to start your Trade Ideas Pro A.I. subscription, pay attention to your expenses and check out There you‘ll find a great Trade Ideas promo code waiting to be redeemed.

Trade Ideas Summit 2018

On October 20th, 2018 the exclusive University Club on the 34th floor of Symphony Towers in San Diego will host the Trade Ideas Summit 2018. Trade Ideas brings together influencers and investors in this great networking and education event. In addition to the Trade Ideas Management Team with Dan Mirkin, David M. Aferiat, Brad Williams and Philip Smolen— Dr. Brett Steenbarger, Brian Shannon and JC Parets will also be present.

It’s going to be an illuminating event, get detailed information now.

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