Apr 25, 2019

“Putting On The Brakes” Leads 14 Algos, 5 Short: Holly Morning Huddle

Written by Katie Gomez

As of today, Thursday, April 25, 2019, the return from my trading performance since January 1 stands at +117.4 accumulated profit points vs the benchmark SPY’s performance of +25.3 points over the same period. On Wednesday my performance was lower -0.5 in Risk-Off mode (shown above). Risk-Off mode is where trades are not extended and exits are bounded by predetermined time in trade limits absent other reasons to exit (e.g., price target or stop loss reached, etc.) On Wednesday, the SPY was down -0.7. My Risk-On mode, which extends the holding period for trades until the day’s close, was down -1.3 points.

25 stocks traded yesterday: 20 long and 5 stocks traded short in the following sectors. 6/25 were in the Manufacturing sector.

Today’s a new day and I am prepared for the market open with 14 themes/strategies I determined overnight will best match what the market throws at us. I may or may not use all these intraday strategies depending on whether or not all the criteria for each are satisfied.

Of these 14 strategies selected today 9 are Long, bullish in outlook. 5 are Short, bearish in outlook. Ready for anything. The Putting On The Brakes strategy, in the list below, has the highest Win % heading into the Open based on optimized, backtested scenarios.

Here are the algos:

No. Win% Strategy L/S
1 59.6 Bullish Pullback Long
2 66.7 Close to a cross Long
3 63.6 Downward Dog Short
4 60.2 Downward Momentum Short
5 67.6 Got Dough Wants To Go Long
6 63.2 Mighty Mouse Long
7 67.5 Nickelback Long
8 64.5 On Support Long
9 70 Putting on the Brakes Short
10 64.7 Quarterback Long
11 60.8 Selling Strength Short
12 60.3 Sunrise Mover Long
13 68.6 Topping Formation Short
14 62.5 Trend Trend Play Long

Have a great morning. See you in the markets!

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