May 10, 2019

Trade Ideas Podcast Episode 97, “The Workhorse: Scott Redler” — May 10, 2019

Written by Katie Gomez

Meet the Red Dog, Scott Redler (@RedDogT3 on twitter), Chief Strategist at T3 — a proprietary trading firm in New York City.

Scott credits childhood stints as a dancer, MC, wrestler, and lacrosse player for providing the building blocks that taught him how to think quickly on his feet. And these skills translated into the world of event and concert promotion where Scott was involved in raising capital for events and tours. Some early successes there led him into dealings with an individual from Wall Street who would end up introducing Scott to the world of equities trading and set him up with his first grubstake to get into the business.

In this Trading with Chicago podcast, we discuss Scott’s unusual path to the trading floor and the discipline and routines that have kept him there through the bubble burst, the financial crisis, the flash crash, and whatever the heck you call what’s going on now.

If you’ve ever struggled through losing streaks (who hasn’t?) and need a method to climb out of the hole, Scott’s no-nonsense approach to lifestyle, routine, and preparation are a refreshing and inspiring takeaway. Set aside 50 minutes to get motivated to take your trading to the next level.