Aug 11, 2020

Trade Ideas SCoRe Smashes Indices (Stock Composite Rating)

Written by Katie Gomez

In 2018 Trade Ideas introduced SCoRe (Stock Composite Rating), and our subscribers have been benefiting ever since.   It is a proprietary formula that measures a stock’s strength along technical and fundamental metrics.  We use over 17 such metrics to measure each SCoRe. A stock can have a SCoRe of 30 to 100, with 100 being the best value.  Unlike the other rating systems, the SCoRe is dynamic, and will change in real-time during live market hours.  Here is a Toplist from 8/5/2020 displaying the highest rated stocks as of this date.

Because Trade Ideas is loaded with a staff of proven professional traders, our focus tends to favor technical analysis.  The Top-List above only looks for stocks with a SCoRe greater than 90, assuring clients that any stock on the list has a very bullish chart.  But, we throw in enough metrics to ensure that companies are sound fundamentally with extra points for exhibiting strong growth.  So yes, we are going to catch the AMZN, GOOG, AAPL, etc., but we are also going to find those hidden gems that many services so often miss.  But don’t just take our word for it.  Let’s look at some numbers year-to-date.

The numbers below compare the Trade Ideas SCoRe stocks to the major indices, but first let’s look at the allocation for SCoRe stocks……  

*Buy the top 25 stocks (equal weighting, that trade a minimum of 1 million shares average daily volume) in the Trade Ideas SCoRe Toplist at the beginning of each quarter in 2020.  Then, sell at the end of each quarter. Re-balance on the 1st of each quarter and do the same thing for subsequent quarters*.

And here is the Comparison to the Major Indices:

I think most of you would agree that these numbers are staggering!  How many funds do you know that have beaten the QQQ by a whopping 12.7% year-to-date?  We often tell our clients, “Do not make trading and investing harder than it needs to be”.  The Trade Ideas Stock Composite Rating (ScoRe) will help you simplify your approach to becoming a successful trader.

So, if you are a subscriber to Trade Ideas award winning software, you might want to pay a little more attention to SCoRE, if you are not currently doing so.   If you’re not subscribed to our service, what are you waiting for?  Come test this strategy on our Simulated Trading Platform!