Nov 23, 2020

Announcing the November 2020 Test Drive Price Alerts Champs!

Written by Katie Gomez

Thanks to everyone who participated in the November 2020 Test Drive! Thousands of Test Drivers tested out Trade Ideas Premium services from November 9 to November 20th!  You all made it a success.

Congratulations to the Price Alerts Contest Winners!

We just wrapped up the November 2020 Test Drive. Thousands of traders and investors signed up to participate in trying out Trade Ideas Premium features for 2-weeks. During the 2nd week of the Test Drive, we held a contest for the winning price alert with an entry with the highest percentage (%) gain by the close on Friday November 20th.


  1. First place winner gets a Year of Premium worth $2268
  2. Second place receives a Month of TI Premium worth $228
  3. Third place receives Month or TI Standard worth $118

1st Place Winner is Yacine!

Yacine is the overall winner of the Test Drive with a whopping 225% gain  on 5 triggers including FTDI. Yacine will get a full year of Trade Ideas Premium.

2nd Place Winner is Davide

Davide came in with an impressive 153% gain with big winners in FUV and SOLO.

3rd Place Winner is Leo

And Leo comes in at 34.6% on 5 triggers

Thanks to all who entered.