Oct 15, 2021

Testimonial Contest Winners

Written by Katie Gomez

Thank you to all the subscribers who submitted entries for our Testimonial Contest. There were plenty of excellent submissions and we’ve chosen the top three.

3rd Place

Coming in at number 3 and winning a collection of all of the Trade Ideas eBooks is Eric M., a Trade Ideas subscriber and Think or Swim brokerage client.

Trade-Ideas is the cornerstone of my entire system. Using the custom formula and built-in filter features, I have been able to customize a system that trades daily with 65%-70% accuracy. I even use Trade-Ideas to help me formulate a custom “index” that tells me when to take long trades or short trades each day. Since joining Trade-Ideas, I have averaged over 15-20% a month with recent months (June-September, 2021) returning over 50% a month. The flexibility of Trade-Ideas has literally changed my life. The only “problem” I have is that there are so many customizations at my fingertips that I sometimes spend hours of my free time testing tweaks using all of the historical data Trade-Ideas makes available. After years of trying other scanners, signal services, and every trick imaginable to become profitable, Trade-Ideas has given me the ability to say that MY system has made me a profitable trader. The pride I take in my system is priceless. Thank you, Trade-Ideas.

Eric M.

2nd Place

Our 2nd place winner is Scott L., who wins a free month of a Standard Trade Ideas subscription.

I am a trader who makes on average between 50 to sometimes 100+ trades a day. I would never find winning trades without the customization I am capable of with the trade ideas market scanners. They integrate so well with all the software platforms I use that it makes things a breeze.

The support is second to none. I have had to contact them about several things I have questions about relating to setting up scanners and custom filters and every time I have been more than impressed with the level of service and knowledge the support staff have. The training they provide is also excellent and very helpful.

If I had to choose 1 piece of software that I use on a daily basis that is absolutely a must it is Trade Ideas hands down.

Scott L.

1st Place Winner

And our 1st Place winner is (drumroll…) Gerry L.!

Gerry wins a free month of Premium Trade Ideas. Thank you Gerry and all the subscribers who entered the contest.

I’ve used trade ideas for over a year and couldn’t imagine making confident decisions in trading without it. After using the prebuilt alert and strategy windows, I quickly adapted and started making my own custom windows with custom alerts. This decision yielded me tremendous results and continues to give consistent results. I’ve used other powerful tools but this one is unmatched in its performance and data deliverance. Whether it’s scanning, charting, back testing, or fundamentals this product has become a critical part of my trading strategy. For as long as this product exists, I will continue to use it without hesitation.

Gerry L.

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