Sep 16, 2022

Do you want to be a Stock Trader? A Guide for Beginner Traders.

Written by Katie Gomez

Imagine working in your pajamas while making decent money from the comfort of your home. Every morning you feel that beautiful sense of autonomy as you decide what hours you would like to work, all while experiencing the rushes of dopamine and adrenaline to keep you on your toes throughout your day. Sounds like a dream, right? Welcome to the wonderful world of stock trading.

If you are younger or more inexperienced than your typical stock trader and are intrigued by the sound of this life, know it is possible for you too. If you are serious about taking control of your financial future and want to learn more about stock trading, keep reading.

Although the stock market seems intimidating, anyone can learn to navigate the markets with the right skills and mindset. Millennials and GenZ, specifically, have avoided learning how to stock trade in the past because not many people their age find success doing it. At least until the infamous COVID lockdowns in 2020, when young adults got a taste for making money from the comfort of their own home. The past few years have proved just how savvy they can be in creating jobs out of thin air by utilizing their advanced comfort with technology.

Human Interaction

Humans need action to prove something is worth our time—immediate gratification if you will—and no one knows the worth of their time better than Millenials. During COVID, many Millennials got addicted to the rush of making money in their pajamas, and who can blame them?

During this period, “meme stocks’ ‘ like GME and AMC were exciting and getting new traders engaged because of the huge potential profits. That said, most newbies couldn’t keep the momentum going by relying on luck and guru tips. The only way to make enough money to trade full time is by having the right skill set to back you up.

If you are one of these new or younger traders looking for a better way to get back to trading after some potentially painful losses, Trade Ideas has the solution for you. The Trade Ideas program offers not only education for new traders; but trading simulators, stock races to see what is trending in real-time, and imperative lessons on risk management. We do not just give you the information so you can learn how to trade on your own, we supply the tools you need to thrive doing so.

Millennials and GenZ, you are the future of stock trading and have already inspired innovative change, such as the stock races at Trade Ideas. Now is your time to join in and elevate stock trading to the next level. We’re in a new era of data gamification, artificial intelligence and social media. Trade Ideas values new and fresh traders like you and strives to educate you with information and equip you with the skills necessary to grow to be the most successful trader you can be.

Before jumping in, remember that there’s a lot of false advertising, grifting, and bad advice out there. For instance, some people think of the stock market as a glorified casino. However, if luck were the only factor in becoming a successful trader, everyone would be trying it. You must learn to separate skills from luck because people can find short-lived success in trading (beginners luck) similar to a game of blackjack, yet this is not a sustainable mindset if you are serious about making money consistently trading stocks. You can’t simply read the market like a card counter at a blackjack table. Stock trading is a simple business model, and like any business, you need practice, experience, and the right skill set to excel.

Evolution of Stock Trading

The evolution of stock trading in the past decade has proven that any person can be a successful trader. It does not matter how well versed you are in finances or how many years you have been trading or managing assets, as long as you are open to learning and adapting. The stock market is alive and ever-evolving, so the ones who will succeed are the ones that can accept the fact that they have to keep up or bow out. If you have the patience to practice and remain open-minded, you will find success.

You will make mistakes, but you can choose to either run from them or learn from them. Resilience is a trait you must have or learn. Those who can keep their emotions in check during times of crisis and are willing to practice, learn, and adapt can excel in this world.

To conclude, you are the new generation of traders and represent what the future of stock trading can become. If all this sounds reasonable, take control of your future and start being proactive about your finances/career by visiting to acquire the tools you need to join the wonderful world of stock trading today.