Get Started with Trade Ideas Video Series.

Welcome to Trade Ideas! You’ve taken a very powerful first step towards taking control of your trading and dominating the markets. No false modesty here. You’ve just set yourself ahead of the competition. Congrats. First things first, let’s download Trade Ideas to your Windows machine.

01 - Download & Install

Head to and right on our landing page is a “Download Software” button. Click that and you’re on your way! This video episode will guide you step-by-step through Download & Installation.

02 - Startup & Log In

Once you’ve downloaded TI Pro AI, you’ll find a “TI” Icon on your desktop. Simply double-click it and Trade Ideas will launch on your desktop, prompting you to log in with your username and password.

03 - Toolbar & Right-Click Magic

This episode will show where to find what and how navigate through our robust set of tools that are included in the Toolbar. In addition to that, you'll experience some right-click magic!

04 - Layout Styles

Build your own custom layout that has only the specific data and tools you want to pay attention to -- and nothing else. Before you get started with your own layout, watch this episode to find out, which style suits you best.

05 - Free Floating Layout

One way to build a custom layout is to start completely from scratch. A clean slate. If free-floating is your style, this episode will show you how to get there. If you'd like to create a docked layout, head straight to the next episode.

06 - Docked Layout

If you're ready to build your own docked layout, this episode will show you how to get there.

07 - Intro to Scans

Top Lists: A real-time watch list that only feeds you stocks that meet very specific criteria that you deem to be important to you? Real-Time Alerts: Up-to-the-second alerts on every stock you want to trade that might be hitting your entry trigger.

08 - Top List Window (Scan)

You’ve seen the power of Top Lists in action on a variety of Channels. Now it's time to harness this power to your own unique ideas.

Watch this episode to find out how to build your very own Top List Window.

09 - Alert Window (Scan)

You’ve already built your first Top List, which makes it easy to build an Alert Window.

There’s one very significant additional step early in the process -- you'll need to add an Alert which triggers a notification.

10 - Intro to Charts

You've probably come across charts in TI Pro. There are charts on nearly every channel in the Channel Bar.

Want additional charts, explore some additional time frames, or have a static chart set to only show you a certain stock or ETF?

Watch this episode to get a good idea of what our charts can do for you!

That’s it!

You’ve completed our Getting Started Series. Ready to take on the World? Go get ‘em!

Please note that this is just the tip of the iceberg! Get comfortable with the basics and once you're ready to explore how immensely powerful and versatile our software is, you can dive in further! Check out our User Guide whenever you need an in-depth explanation and check out our Holly Guide to learn all about our Virtual Trade Assistant Holly AI.