Artificial Intelligence

Our Virtual Trade Assistant, Holly AI, is an exclusive feature for our Premium subscribers. Make sure to check out our Hollyguide for more in-depth information.

Real-Time Suggestions

Holly is an intelligent assistant that provides real-time trading suggestions, including entry prices, stops, targets, and timed exits.

Backtesting and Optimization

With over 60 algorithms in her portfolio, Holly is a versatile and skilled trader to follow. She backtests and optimizes all her strategies every night and selects only the ones with the highest statistical chance of delivering profitable trades.

Working Together

While Holly is designed to exit all trades at the end of the day, we enable traders to continuously track these trades in the AI Longterm Strategy Trades Window. This way, you can benefit from Holly’s carefully selected trades not only on the initial trading day but beyond it as well.

Watching Holly

You can see these trades in snapshot view or in grid view, and you can enable the option to see all AI Trade metrics in your normal charts too.