Alert Windows

Trade Ideas Alert Windows are features that sets us apart from the competition. You get real-time monitoring of stocks, triggering alerts as soon as the action starts. Alert Windows offer a highly customizable interface, and the ability to execute orders directly from your Alert Window, making it the ultimate tool for day traders.


Lightning Fast in Real-Time

There's no limit to the number of Alert Windows you can create and run simultaneously, making it easy to monitor multiple stocks and setups at once. Different sound alerts, including ticker call-outs, enable you to act instantly when a stock hits your scan. And with just two clicks, you can execute orders directly from your Alert Window with a linked brokerage account.

Highly Customizable

Alert Windows are highly customizable, with over 500 alerts and filters to ensure you catch any setup you're after. Each alert is time-stamped and describes the action of the stock, making it easy to understand and act upon.

Data Visualization

Columns can be color-coded and sorted to enhance data visualization, and the data can be exported as a CSV file for further analysis.

Analyze Market History

A History Mode allows you to analyze past market action, while the backtesting module (named The OddsMaker) provides insight into the profitability of your scan as an applied trading strategy.

Staying Synced

Thanks to our internal and external linking, with just a click, any symbol will immediately show up in all synced windows, including your broker's order entry panel.