Auto Trading

The Trade Ideas Brokerage Plus module allows you to easily automate your own trading strategies.

Get Started

To start auto-trading your own setup, first create an Alert Window, and use our Oddsmaker to backtest your strategy.

Next Up

Next, import your Alert Window into Brokerage Plus and define your Entry and Exit parameters. You can then automate your trades in our Simulator or in your connected brokerage account with a participating brokerage.

Test First

We highly recommend testing your strategy using the OddsMaker backtesting module before trading with real money. Once you're confident with your setup, you can seamlessly switch to trading with real money by changing the account from simulated to a live account.


Our Brokerage Plus Module offers you the flexibility to choose which trades to automate and which to execute manually. With a range of customization options available, you can tailor your automated trading to fit your trading style.