The OddsMaker backtesting module lets you evaluate how well your trading strategies perform over recent history. With it, you can determine important metrics like the profit factor, win rate, and projected return of your strategy. You can define your starting equity, position size, and even include your broker's commission to get an accurate picture of your strategy's performance.

Equity Curve

The backtest results will show you the equity curve that your strategy produced, as well as your daily profit and loss. You can also see the number of trades that would have taken place each day, the maximum drawdown, and the amount of buying power needed.

Find What Works Best

Each tab in the OddsMaker contains a reporting engine that can break down your strategy by different filters, allowing you to see which subsets of the trades work well and which do not. You can use this information to add additional filters to your strategy to improve it. With Trade Ideas Backtesting, you can evaluate your trading strategies and optimize them to improve your performance.

Refine, Optimize, and Analyze

For further analysis, you can export this data as a CSV file. The OddsMaker tool also enables you to refine and optimize your scans. You can adjust different filters and see how they impact the results, allowing you to optimize your scan. The optimization tab allows you to drill down into the details of the strategy to see what makes it work.


The color-coded calendar makes it easy to see the daily metrics, and you can drill-down to examine the individual trades.