Best AI Trades

Take a look at the top trades executed by Holly the AI during our

Test Drive from November 9th - November 20th 2020.

(GP) - After a nice gap up on high volume our AI bought GP with a small risk of 2%. After only 5 days later our clients got a game changing 83% gain.

Entry: Nov 16th | Exit: Nov 23rd

(SAVA) - After a good day trade long of near 20% gain earlier in the month Holly flipped to short on the breakdown. Risking only 20 cents a share SAVA continued to grind down over the test drive making another 20% gain.

Entry: Nov 13th | Exit: Nov 23rd

(DKS) - After a strong move down Holly picks her spot to catch the falling knife and only 6 days later is up 17% on the trade.

Entry: Nov 15th | Exit: Nov 23rd

(WSM) - While Holly is a machine learning AI she still needs a teacher. From one of our new strategies taught to the AI all about candle sticks helped her to find WSM which in 4 days netted our clients 19%.

Entry: Nov 16th | Exit: Nov 23rd

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