Brokerage Plus

The Brokerage Plus Module is the portfolio manager and trade control center for Trade Ideas subscribers. By connecting to an account at a participating brokerage, you can place orders, view your positions, and manage your trades all in one convenient place.

Scanning, charting, and executing trades all in one platform. Trade Ideas has everything you need to trade with confidence and speed, all in one place.

One-Click Entry

The One-Click Order Entry feature allows you to execute trades directly within Trade Ideas, whether from Alert Windows, Top Lists, or Charts, making it quick and easy to act on trading opportunities. You can also automate trading your own strategies.

Find, Test, and Execute

With the ability to create complex trading plans based on scans and custom formulas, backtest them with our Oddsmaker, and then set up autotrading, Brokerage Plus gives you the power to execute your trades with precision and efficiency. Alternatively, you can trade using customizable Hot Buttons or manually via our Order Entry Panel.

Test Before You Invest

Our real-time simulator provides a risk-free environment for new traders to train under real market conditions, while seasoned pros can test new strategies and techniques.