Chart Trading

Trade any stock directly from our charts with just a few clicks using our Buy and Sell Buttons. Our Chart Trading feature lets you place orders directly from your charts, without having to navigate through your broker's trading platform.

Trade smarter and faster, monitoring all of your positions and trade metrics in one place.

Execute All in One Place

Simply click the Buy or Sell button, and move your cursor to the price level where you want to enter the trade. Your order is immediately placed and routed to your participating broker's account or our Brokerage Plus trading simulator.

Adjusting Orders

Adjusting an open order, or a stop or target order, is just as easy. Just drag the associated lines on the chart, and the order will be updated in real time.

Effortless Trading

To trade this effortlessly, you only need to set up your default chart order once in Brokerage Plus. This allows you to define your position size in various ways and choose a specific entry order type, such as market or limit order, with or without offset.

More and More Tools

You can also attach a stop loss and target price, as well as a Time Stop, if you choose. And, if you need more flexibility and are using different trading strategies for different setups, you can create multiple order templates and execute them just as swiftly via right-click from the Trade Ideas charts.