Simulated Trading

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a new trader, Simulated Trading (also called “Paper Trading”) is a valuable tool for improving your trading skills. It allows you to train risk-free under real market conditions without having to open and fund a brokerage account straight away. With Trade Ideas' simulator, you can evaluate new trading strategies, test automation, and continuously learn and adapt in real-time.

The TI Difference

Unlike other brokers that make it difficult or impossible to use simulated and actual trading at the same time, Trade Ideas makes it seamless. Our simulator appears as just another account in Brokerage Plus, available right in your normal trading workflow.

Viewing Your Sim Trades

When you make simulated trades in Brokerage Plus, you'll see your positions right alongside your live trades in the Positions tab. You can monitor your performance across all your trades or filter by account.

Real or Sim?

With Trade Ideas, you can decide on the fly whether you'd like to trade using real money or not by choosing the account in the Manual Order Entry Panel. You can also use Order Entry Templates for different accounts to place paper as well as live trades via our Chart and One-Click Trading feature.

Test Before You Invest

Continuous learning and adapting is vital for any trader, and paper trading is an integral part of that improvement journey. With Trade Ideas' real-time simulator, it's easy to hone your skills and improve your trading outcomes. Pro golfers practice on the range. The TI simulator is your trading "range."