Single Stock Window

Our Single Stock Window provides a snapshot of any given stock. With linking enabled, it will automatically show key data for the symbol that you select in your scanner or chart.

All in the Details

The highly customizable Details Tab displays the Company Name, the Exchange, and the country flag right at the top. With hundreds of available data columns, it's easy for you to create the exact snapshot you want to see.

Find Similar Stocks

The Similar Tab displays a list of stocks that are similar to the chosen ticker, either in price action or business operation. You can easily switch between the competitor and price action comparison and turn the presented list into a standalone Top List Window for further analysis.


The News Tab loads the latest Google News of any given stock. You'll see the headline together with the release date, time, as well as the source. A click on any title will open the source article in your browser and, at the same time, mark the article as read.

Company Profile

The Profile Tab provides insight into the company's field of operation. You can see the Sector, Sub Sector, Industry Group, Industry, as well as the Sub Industry the company belongs to. In addition to that, you'll get a short Business Summary, and the direct link to the company's website.

Right Where You Need It

The window size and column number can be adjusted to fit perfectly into your layout. And, since the Single Stock Window is a standalone dock, all its tabs can be arranged any way you like.