Real-Time Stock Racing

Introducing Real-Time Stock Racing

Take a look at what Dan Mirkin, CEO of Trade Ideas, has to say about our newest product.

A simple and fun way to approach the Stock Market

Real-Time Stock Racing is a unique approach to data visualization that will simplify and change your perspective on stock trading.

Below you'll find just a few of the awesome features that you'll get when using our Stock Racing Platform.

Race any stock

Hand pick individual stocks or any list of stocks in just a few clicks!


Just to name a few filter options: Length of the race, how many lanes, and whether it's based on price action or change from the close. And many more!

Trade the winner

If you like the way your winner looks, you can seamlessly trade it through Brokerage Plus.

Click the video below to check out Stock Racing in action!

Start Racing Stocks in Real-Time!

Our Stock Racing module is part of our newest release. Click below to to get started.