Trading Signals

Trade Ideas offers multiple options for Trading Signals to help traders make informed decisions in the market. Choose the option that best fits your trading style and start making informed trading decisions today.

Virtual Trade Assistant

Option 1: Holly AI is a real-time trade assistant designed to provide trade suggestions to our premium clients. Holly's trading signals include entry prices, stops, targets, and timed exits. You can follow Holly's trades manually or via one-click. With over 60 algorithms in her portfolio, Holly is a skilled and versatile trader to follow. As a Trade Ideas subscriber, you have access to her real-time alerts and trade history.

TI Trader's Eye Channel

Option 2: This channel provides swing stock picks handpicked by our TI traders. Our experienced traders select stocks expected to move higher and focus only on long trades. You can day trade them, but they are selected on the basis of being potentially great swing trades.

TI Swing Picks Channel

Option 3: Our Swing Picks are released in a paid weekly newsletter subscription generated by the TI Strength Scan. As a software subscriber, you have unrestricted access to it and can see and trade the Relative Strength Winners every day.

Smart Risk Levels

Option 4: Our Smart Stop and Target Levels are shown right on the chart for every stock, taking your personal trading preferences into account. We provide smart stop and target levels together with anticipated profit and loss. Our proprietary risk management filter, Smart Stop, determines the exit point unique to each symbol based on the stock's volatility, relative volume, and daily range.

Market Explorer

Option 5: The Market Explorer is a powerful tool with pre-programmed popular scans by name. No configuration is necessary. Our team of expert traders has created a suite of over 30 dedicated, high-performance scans to complement our software and enhance your trading strategies.