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The Only Software Offering Access To All Market Data

Market Visualization

Our Stock Racing technology is a brand new visual perspective on scanning the market.

Welcome to the future of stock scanning and Trade Ideas is the only company offering this exceptionally powerful tool.


Risk Free in Real-Time

Trade Ideas Simulated Trading works hand in hand with our AI and full suite of trading tools in real-time. There's no substitute.

With Proper feedback, investors quickly see what actions lead to reward and where there are mistakes that need to corrected.

Market Explorer

Continuously evolving, the Market Explorer enables us to build dedicated high-performance scans for our users beyond the software's boundaries. These tailored pre-built scans require no customization, allowing you to just click and go.


Popular Features for the Successful Self-Directed Investor


Market Explorer

Just a click away in the Single Stock Window tab. We offer real-time stock relevant news tailored to the current symbol you're viewing.


Simulated Trading

Real-time Simulated Trading is incorporated into our Brokerage Plus module. Practice before you invest, without using real money.


Stock Racing

Real-Time Stock Racing is a unique approach to data visualization that will simplify and change your perspective on stock trading.


Chart Trading

Our Chart window enables you to visually confirm the alerts of our scans and to trade directly from them via our One-Click-Trading Feature.



Improve your trading strategy results. Score how well scans, entry signals, and trading plans perform over recent history.  


Artificial Intelligence

Our Virtual Trade Assistant Holly AI is designed to provide real-time stock suggestions to our premium clients.


Brokerage Plus

Create scans, identify trading opportunities, and build trading strategies. Automate through your Brokerage account.


One-Click Trading

Top List windows delivers the top 100 symbols based on your custom configuration. This record count can be extended to show a total of 1000 symbols at once.

$0 Commission Trading.

Trade Ideas connects directly to your ETRADE account for $0 commission trading with our Brokerage Plus module. Manage your $0 commission trades, ETRADE portfolio, even automate your trading strategies or use the AI.

5th year in a row!

Fastest growing companies 6 years in a row.


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Kind words from Traders, Subscribers, and Fans


Tremendous educational support.

Mike C.
2021 Twitter logo - white

I love the technology and how the company is always trying to better the software to make trading better for everyone.

Jeremy H.
2021 Twitter logo - white

Trade Ideas might be the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

Patrick W.
2021 Twitter logo - white

Thank you for the great software. A good man once told me I needed a speed and information advantage. Your software is part of my process to having that advantage. I have started using Trade-Ideas on daily basis and my success rate is gradually increasing! TradeIdeas is a great tool, absolutely no doubt about it!

Jatin N.
2021 Twitter logo - white

Sharing what is moving up or down pre market been loyal for years and forever we bonded for life software and a great CEO who engages with us all.

Melvin W.
2021 Twitter logo - white

Subscribed to TI yesterday. Took my first options trade based on race, ended the day with 25%. Thank you guys.

Ethan H.
2021 Twitter logo - white

As always, all chat people are friendly and responsive. Love the product and customer service. Replies are always prompt, concise, and kind Thank you! Unparalleled customer support at Trade-Ideas.


Started following your chief on Twitter, but what settings are used there? He hets in the trades I want but minutes sooner than I do…

2021 Twitter logo - white

We’re vacationing next week, the whole thing paid for by Trade Ideas, Today.

Dave W.
2021 Twitter logo - white

I just want to say thank you for everything you guys do at Trade Ideas. Your software is helping me tremendously as a beginner in the stock market.

2021 Twitter logo - white

My first week with @tradeideas and I would have totally missed $SBFM parabolic move without it... loving it. Will post my chart later.


About Us

Dan Mirkin CEO


(CEO) Chief Executive Officer & Senior Managing Partner

Brad Williams COO


(COO) Chief Operating Officer & Managing Partner

Philip Smolen CRO


Chief Research Officer, Software Architect & Senior Managing Partner

David Aferiat Managing Partner


Business Development & Managing Partner

So what is this advantage that Trade Ideas brings to the table?

Seventeen years of customized server-based technology designed from the ground up for one thing and one thing only. Real-time data.

All Trade Ideas technology is made from scratch by our own team of US developers. Our server farm connects directly to the Exchanges and we watch EVERY SINGLE STOCK and ETF that is traded. Every tick is watched by a system that measures behaviour against the past in real-time. Constant analysis and reanalysis. Testing and re-testing. This allows us to give Trade Ideas customers power that is UNMATCHED by any other vendor in financial technology. Investors have to see it to believe it, and once they catch on, they quickly realize that there is no substitute. That is why in 2021, Trade Ideas has for the 5th year in a row appeared in the Inc, 5000 Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies in the United States.