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Stephanie's consistently rapid and thorough solutions to any questions i raise is outstanding. TI's support is fantastic. The hourly sessions and end of day wrap by Chris are also a tremendous asset. Thank you all at Trade-Ideas for a rich product.


Test Drive - 11/2021

I discovered this E*trade connection last week in trade-ideas when I downloaded the latest upgrade. And let me tell you, IT'S AWESOME! (I have an E*trade account.) It works really beautifully. I was amazed to see it putting activity in E*trade on all my relevant charts, etc. Really, it exceeded my expectations. The dang thing just worked! Congratulations and thanks for this upgrade



I cannot recommend @TradeIdeas enough! I have been using it the last couple of weeks and the results have been amazing. It can be overwhelming at first but their tutorials are very helpful and once you figure it out your gains will grow with it.



The staff are very knowledgeable and always helpful. I would have my service active as long as the quality of the support stays so good. Thank you!

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