Stay Ahead of the Game with Real-Time Data and AI-Powered Insights for Smarter Investing.

The Trade Ideas platform is designed to meet the needs of active traders, providing powerful tools including real-time market scanning, AI-driven trade signals, customizable alerts, advanced charting capabilities, and time saving data visualization.

Active traders require up-to-the-second data and actionable insights to make informed decisions and capitalize on emerging opportunities. TI addresses this demand by delivering real-time scanning and alerts, empowering traders to stay ahead of market trends, identify high-probability trades, and streamline their decision-making process for better overall trading performance.


Trade Ideas Scanner

Our scanners use server-side technology, which entails a large data center to run the data and crunch numbers so that your computer doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting.


Other Platforms

Traders using screeners have to manually refresh and click constantly to find the data they are trying to find, requiring more time, patience, and energy than need be.

Real-Time Data

Our server farms monitor every transaction in the markets, enabling the user to have fewer steps to get through and is notified in real-time, unlike screeners.

Streamlined Workflow

Our scanner does all the filtering for you once you set the parameters of what you are looking to find.

After the scanner has the information needed, it will monitor those 8000 stocks to condense it into a more manageable set of data that satisfies your input configurations.

Lightning fast

Compared to the screeners other companies use, our scanner offers instantaneous results